Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Saving 123 Training Singapore

Life Saving 123 training in shallow water resuscitation, landing and recovery position..

Every year many divers experience  to shallow-water blackout. Almost everyone have common occurrence. Shallow-water blackout (SWB) is the sudden loss of consciousness caused by oxygen starvation. Unconsciousness strikes most commonly within 15 feet (five meters) of the surface, where expanding, oxygen-hungry lungs literally suck oxygen from the diver s blood.

The blackout occurs quickly, insidiously and without warning. Mercifully, the victims of this condition die without any idea of their impending death.

Whenever an apparently non-breathing victim is found in the water, the rescuer is confronted with a difficult choice.

Should the rescuer attempt

option 1
resuscitation procedures in the water

 option 2
first bring the victim to shore, and then attempt resuscitation?

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