Monday, March 22, 2010

Amber Swimming Lessons at Woodlands Swimming Complex

Amber is 4 years old only and she is training for Bronze National Survival Swimming Award at Woodland swimming Complex every Sunday 1230pm.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Woodlands Swimming Lessons

Swimming for Fun, Health and Safety
Learning to swim is a fun activity for your kids. Be positive yourself, and your child should enjoy swimming lessons - remember, it's a vital skill they shouldn't miss out!

Swimming is on the syllabus for all children in the Singapore, and they have to learn to swim by the time go to primary school. Having the ability to swim one length 50 meter when they're kindergarten 1 and pass the NASSA survival bronze test at the end of kindergarten 2 is it best way to give them self confidence when they go primary school.

It is never too early to take your child to the pool and many swim school in Singapore run courses for babies and toddlers up to adults. We have lessons for one-month-olds upwards, up until the age of four it's more about gaining confidence rather than learning strokes. For the younger ones we do exercises with nursery rhymes, The important factor is to make the water fun for the kids.'

Swimming also keeps children fit, helps with their growth and strength, and it's a social activity that they will keep with them all their lives.
call Mr Nico Yeo @90059173

Friday, March 12, 2010

Young Toddler Swimming Lessons at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

Our instructor teaches swimming and safety skills but they are taught in progressions, and the approach is gentle. The child's happiness is priority. toddlers actually learn and develop skills in this format, while the philosophy is to produce a healthy, positive experience first--learning and skill progressions are second. In other words, the child will learn swimming and safety skills in this setting, but never at the expense of the child's safety or happiness. It's a child-paced, child focused approach.
It is critical for parents and teachers to understand that the Forceful, Skill-centered approach creates not only a negative experience, but also it can hinder the child's self esteem, and often turns young children off to swimming all together. This approach is also very dangerous and potentially life threatening. Parents and teachers should understand that swimming skills could be learned just the same while using a loving, child-centered approach. The difference is the child is learning at the child's pace.