Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swimming Lesson Video

Learn how to Shallow Dive
Shallow diving is diving into water less than 6 foot deep from a height above 3 feet. Its a useful skill to have.

Step by Step
Step 1: Stand on top of whatever your diving off as if you were doing a normal dive.
Step 2: Warm Up. Practice bending your knees as if to dive off without diving. This will help you build confidence, and will also help stop you pulling the muscles behind your knees.
Step 3: Try to jump out as far as you can instead of diving perpendicular to the water surface.
Step 4: Try to hit the water at less than 45 degrees so as to keep traveling underwater instead of going straight down.

Tips 1: Hold your arms out in front of you to break surface tension and in case you do hit the bottom it will be your arms instead of your head.
Tips 2: Don't look at the water as you hit it, this is purely so you don't hurt your face.
Tips 3: Try to keep your body as horizontal as possible above and below the water, not to the extent that you do a belly flop.
Tips 4: For your first try don't dive in off anything to high into water overly shallow. e.g. don't exceed a height of 5 feet with water shallower than 6 feet. This is only until you become comfourtable with it.
Tips 6: Do some normal dives first you should be comfourtable with normal dives before attempting this.

WarningsDon't dive down directly down
*Protect your head at all costs.
*If diving into a river, lake or dam check for submerged rocks and sticks
*Do not attempt if you arent prepared mentally and physically
*A wrong attempt could result in neck or spine injury's.
*Have a partner watching in case anything goes wrong.
*Overall use your best judgment and commonsense


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