Friday, March 12, 2010

Young Toddler Swimming Lessons at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

Our instructor teaches swimming and safety skills but they are taught in progressions, and the approach is gentle. The child's happiness is priority. toddlers actually learn and develop skills in this format, while the philosophy is to produce a healthy, positive experience first--learning and skill progressions are second. In other words, the child will learn swimming and safety skills in this setting, but never at the expense of the child's safety or happiness. It's a child-paced, child focused approach.
It is critical for parents and teachers to understand that the Forceful, Skill-centered approach creates not only a negative experience, but also it can hinder the child's self esteem, and often turns young children off to swimming all together. This approach is also very dangerous and potentially life threatening. Parents and teachers should understand that swimming skills could be learned just the same while using a loving, child-centered approach. The difference is the child is learning at the child's pace.