Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimsafer sidestroke demo - "how to swim sidestroke"

Swimsafer sidestroke is one of the test criteria in the swimsafer Bronze, swimsafer Silver and swimsafer Gold award. Students will be tested on the efficient stroke techniques they use.
Example : Underwater arm recovery, directly on the side, with lower arm extended beyond the head and upper arm resting along side of body.
Ear resting on the shoulder, face angled slightly upwards.
Legs extended and together in glide position.

Leg Action scissor kick"Tuck, Split. Squeeze"
Tuck : legs bend together to form a triangle shape.
Split: Top leg steps forward, knee flexed and foot doris-flexed. Lower leg step backwards, knee flexed and foot plantar-flexed(point)
Squeeze: feet then follow a circular motion as both legs straghten, sweep outwards and around until coming back together in glide position.

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