Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Fish Swimming Singapore | Amelia's Swim like a Happy Fish

Amelia's Swimming Lesson at The Chuan Condominium. Every Tuesday 4pm.

Amelia was able to conquering a fear of swimming after 4 lessons with me. In this video she already learn more than 8 lessons

Here are some of the lessons I thought her to overcome her fear of swimming.

I let her splash around in it from the time they can sit up at pool side on first lesson.

I make swimming lessons fun and safe on her first water experience. If she get water in their eyes or nose, or slip and fall, she will likely to have a bad first experience in the water. So I go with her very slowly.

I bring her into the water by holding her close. Never, ever, tell her I will hold her and let her go under. Once she trust I will protect her in the water, she will begin to feel more at ease.

Once she was reluctant to go into the water, and I told her not to worry let put your toe in first, then your legs, etc.

She was scared, I keep asking her to go in, or try it, but did not pressure her. 

A child's attitude and willingness are half the battle.

I did not use arm flotations because using arm flotations or inner tubes, this gives her a false sense of security.

Sometimes she was scared because she worry 'what if she go under?' Or, 'What if she get water up my nose?' 

By explaining safety and technique, I calm her fears.

I started in the shallow pools because shallow pools are a great way to get children accustomed to the water before they go in a "big pool."

In this video she eventually overcome her fears, and enjoy her swimming lesson since than till now!

She told me she want to be like a Happy fish swimming in the water.!

Note to parents If you want to sign up your kids for swimming lesson at this age please be patience! you don't have to ask coach when will your child know how to swim? 
Your child will know how to swim when your child is ready. Is not when you want it. You will see result after 3 month.

All you have to do is Trust your swim coach trust your kids and you will see result soon!

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