Sunday, October 6, 2013

Swimming for Beginners Singapore

Swimming for Beginners Singapore

Children learning to swim should be starting from a shallow pool where they can easily step and stand up thus give them more comfortable and peace of mind while the child’s development of water confidence. The key is for youngsters to learn to have fun in the pool.

Most parents find structured swimming lessons (available through local swimming pools, private swim schools and sometimes local clubs) are the best way to teach specific skills and water safety.

Most local public swimming complex provide Swimsafer swimming lessons for young people to learn to swim and many will point children in the direction of further opportunities once they have learnt to swim. 

Children who pass swimsafer gold they can either go Life saving 123 by Singapore Life Saving Society or Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award 

The Swim to Survive swim school partnership with swimming coaches who teach in local public swimming complex, swim coaches are qualified nationally-recognised by the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).